Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing Success

Why do I need a better résumé?

You need to make both a good first impression and a lasting one. Armed with a professionally written résumé you can open doors that otherwise would not open. Frequently we are told that a co-worker or managers suggested a professional resume. Expect a return on investment from your resume investment.

How much does a résumé cost?

There are prices all over the board for résumé development. We offer a free consultation where we want to identify your most marketable skills and accomplishments. Even more importantly is defining what you want to accomplish as you move your career forward. You may have expertise in one area, but want to use other skills. Or you may want to learn something new and contribute to the long-term success of a growing company. We don’t know what the cost will be until we visit a few minutes by phone with our out-of-state clients or in office consultant by appointment or walk-in. Basically the interview is the same. We will need you to complete our inquiry form, email a resume with current information or fax us that document. Then we can begin the interview process.

How often should I update my resume?

Hopefully this doesn’t seem self serving, but you should update your resume at least once each year. The main reason for tackling this project annually is that you may forget a significant accomplishment.

Where are the jobs in this economy?

job. If you add the appropriate education level, the ability to take the initiative, the drive to be present when you are at work while taking ownership and achieving quality across you tasks, you will see your professional capital increase exponentially. Add to that arriving on time and not missing a day of work you could get promotions quickly.

There is the stagnate economy. This is where employers are hesitant to make a hiring decision based upon many factors. It could be operating cost, competitive pressures, government regulations, cost of money or a basic fear of what will happen next. In this economy it takes more than looking for job through the monitor on your computer, smart phone or other digital device. Know that in any city in the country there are key employers. Tulsa’s economy is fueled by Energy, Aerospace, and Call Centers among others. There are all industries that need employees in any economy. A few of those industries include Retail, Medical, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Food Service and many others. There is attrition in all industries, unless an industry is at the end of its life cycle. Emerging industries have a reputation for job growth. What is the next emerging industry in your immediate orbit?

It is High Unemployment that demoralizes employees across all socio-economic areas. It is the helpless feel that there are NO jobs that poison the job search process. Many companies receive thousands of applications for one position. Competition is tough. For most the longer you are unemployed, there is a proportional impact on your skill level. Recently, I was having a conversation with a successful recruiter and I made the following statement. “I believe that 35% of all jobs are found by networking or applying directly to companies.”

There recruiter responded, “that number is higher than 35%. It is closer to 50%.”

Another recruiter and I were discussing this and he told me that 80% of professionals find jobs by networking. Now that number seems a little high to me. But I can tell you that 75% to 85% of my clients have jobs and want better jobs. I can see that networking can account for 55% to 65% of all job acquisition. With that said, the best way to find a job is by networking. If you don’t have a stellar network you may need to develop one.

What are the tools that I need to get a better job?

We can create resumes that will open door to a new career for you along with persuasive cover letters, thank-you-for- the- inter view letters and other tools that my help you land the job that is right for you. Among our other tools are Reference List, Salary History, LinkedIn Profiles, Self-marketing Brochures, Digital Portfolios and Website.

How can I improve my interviewing skills??

We have consultant that can coach you through the interview process. Preparation and practices can remove the roadblocks.